Fall Fashions That Go from Work to Play

Looking forward to new fall fashion trends and outfit ideas for fall? 

I’m falling in love with fall and although it’s still a strong 90 degrees here in Houston; I’m still smitten. The rich colors of fall like burgundy and goldenrod, sweaters and booties and the smell of apple cinnamon do something to my SOUL. Clearly, I can go on and on and on about how I adore autumn but I’ll spare you. Instead here are my four favorite things that I love about fall—spoiler alert: it’s all about fall fashion. You’ll quickly learn, I’m all about the leather look but have some other favorites as well. 


Faux Fur:

Pronounced “foe” but I’ll let you make it with “fox” --is a closet staple that can almost pull together any fall look. They’re also affordable enough that even a cheapskate like me can participate in this trend. Faux fur can class up any outfit from regular jeans to leggings. You can snag a faux jacket at H&M for $30 and no animals are harmed (if you care about stuff like that). 


Vegan Leather:

Leather just screams “I’m bad and I know it!” and fall is the perfect time of year to be biker chic. Leather leggings, moto jackets, thigh-high boots are all very inspiring for the fall and surprisingly very slimming. But for real, I love leather because its ruggedness can provide a juxtaposition to any look. Try wearing your office attire with a leather jacket but be ready to receive all the comments on how great you look. 


Dark Lips:


Random fact: When I was 12 my favorite movie was The Craft and I wanted to be a witch so badly. I loved how all those vampy brujas wore black or maroon nail polish and lipstick. It made some much sense as a pubescent preteen. Since then, that look has been forever etched in my mind as the quintessential look for fall and days when I'm not in the mood. A few of my favorite dark lipsticks for the fall are MAC’s Diva, Antique Velvet, and Smoked Purple. I also can't live without Anastasia Beverly Hills' Sad Girl liquid lipstick. 



While jeans are a year-round thing for me, I love them the most in the fall. Some days I get so outrageous that I go full denim from head to toe without regret. I especially like to play with different washes and shades or denim. You can even just use denim as an accent by layering an outfit with a denim vest or hat or even a denim bootie.  

There you have it. I love all things fall and fall fashion. What are some of your fall classics aside from pumpkin spice? Drop me a comment below. 

-Ar’Sheill Monsanto