How To Prepare for Public Speaking

This week I was given the opportunity to present at my second conference as a blogger. The We Are Girls Conference is an annual conference hosted by the Girls Empowerment Network in Austin; targeted towards young girls and their moms. My session was for girls in grades 6th through 8th grade as well as their parents. I lead the girls in their first goal planning session using my DARE to Dream workbook. #ExcitedMuch


I was excited to introduce these young ladies to goal setting because my friend posted a quote on Instagram that gave me my life:

“Girls with goals become women with vision.”

I want these young ladies to grow up and become strong, confident, visionary boss babes. 

To prepare for the workshop I had to get in positive mind space. Those girls deserved my best and I was set to provide that. Public speaking isn’t my favorite thing or my best quality. I am a writer and words are my art medium and form of self-expression.

These are the four things I did to prepare for public speaking:

I became spiritually grounded.

I read my word for the day in the daily devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It was gifted to me earlier this year by a friend.  The message for November 4th was to allow God to guide my steps and not worry about being prepared. This was sort of a struggle because I’m all about preparation and planning but I decided to forgo what I wanted to do for the day and just be mindful and aware of where I was being guided.

I Used the Elements. 

I brought along my peach quartz and smoke quartz healing crystals. The peach quartz is for discovering true intentions and achieving your dreams and the smoke quartz is for uplifting and overcoming negative patterns. For me, negative patterns include being an introvert, being a nervous presenter and overthinking. I’ve gotten some backlash about my new love for crystals. It was even described as voodoo but to me, that’s like saying kale or bentonite clay doesn’t have healing properties. It’s all from the earth and crystals can remove energy imbalances in our bodies. 

Cue the Music.

I listened to music that embodied how I felt in that moment. My album of the day happened to be Solange’s Seat at the Table and Daniel Cesar’s Freudian.  Shout out to my husband's Tidal subscription! 

Breathe Easy.

I left my nervousness in the car by practicing my breathes like I was in a yoga class. As soon as I exited my vehicle, I was in go mode. Although this conference was a big moment for me, the day wasn’t about me by any means. I had to step outside of my comfort zone and I did and it paid off. The workshop was so good that a kid asked me could teach at her school and I was also offered a job in city management. 

Overall, the We Are Girls Conference was very inspiring and as I think about goals that I want to accomplish--I look forward to more opportunities to use my platform and life purpose to inspiring people into greatness. I have some footage on my InstaStories

Peace + blessings

-Ar'Sheill Monsanto 


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jeans: $19 at Zara

shirt: $15 at H&M

shoes: $48 at Van’s