3 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling for Work


We're more than halfway through 2017, and I'm pleased to say that I've accomplished many of the goals I set out on my vision board. I still have quite a few to tackle and getting back to my pre-baby weight is definitely one of them. I've been struggling to lose this last 8-10 lbs that will inevitably bring sexy back. It's even worse when you add traveling to the work in the mix.

Chaotic works schedules coupled with reimburseable meals makes the struggle extra real. In real life, I'm trying to look like Teyana Taylor in the Faded video! And since I don't have $100,000 for Blac Chyna's snap back procedure or willing to dole out any coins on flat tummy tea.


Here are three ways to stay fit while traveling for work.  

Change your mentality to change your reality.

I hate working out and everyone knows it. The only thing I hate more than working out is working out while traveling for work.  

This attitude was not helping me by any means.

So I tricked myself into believing that I love to exercise and am eager for my workout. This motivation has led me to actually packing workout clothes and making sure the hotel I book has a fitness room. Miraculously this new perception releases so many endorphins that I actually enjoy my work out and I don't feel as guilty when I order dessert.  

No pain, no gain.

It's important to have an accountability partner. Every now and again we all need that extra push or shaming from a friend to make you do what needs to get accomplished. My accountability partner pushes me beyond my mental and physical capacity. This is important because your mind gives in before your body does or will.

Most of my workouts are under 30 minutes and honestly I can probably do them inside the hotel room. She's also great because she holds me accountable to my lifestyle outside of the gym. I'm not trying to lose those gains and heart eyes emoji under my Instagram pictures.


Eat to win. 

Food is not the enemy. A cupcake has never hurt anyone. They way I see it--they bring happiness. Let's be clear about that. Moderation, portion sizes, and calculating caloric intake is major key. When on the road, cooking a meal isn't an option but there are other choices that are more realistic like monitoring your intact. For me, it's critical that I count calories or track them using MyFitnessPal. I also drink plenty of water and have an arsenal of healthy, protein-rich snacks in my bag at all times. Almonds are life y'all. 



Always pack athletic attire in your overnight work bag. If the weather is nice you can get in an early morning run. If its cold, you can always YouTube a HIIT or yoga workout. You can also pack a jump rope or my favorite, resistance bands. They're light and can easily fit anywhere. 


-Ar'Sheill Monsanto