Four Tips for Setting & Slaying Goals

One thing I can say about me, "I am a planner and love to create and accomplish goals." I'm not sure where this came from but every since I was young I always felt that if I could dream it, I could be it.

My iPhone is full of notes that date back as early as 2010. Actually, many of my early blog posts started as rants in the notes of my iPhone. 

Being a goal digger is my thing and with less than four months left in the year I'm within arms reach of accomplishing all of my goals.

My goals this year were pretty typical: save money, lose weight, be a better person, work from home, get my brows on fleek, blah, blah, blah. Despite how mundane they may sound they were important enough for me to actually spend time writing them down and thinking about strategies for success. 

Because I'm such a good friend, I'm sharing my four super simple tips to accomplish some serious goals. 


The first step is identifying your aspirations. What do you want to accomplish? You have to be very specific and determine a realistic timeframe. Also while defining the goal it helps to define how you'll interpret success. Yes. You define your own success.


Think about the talents and skills that you currently possess that can help you accomplish those goals. Now think about what skills are necessary in order for you to be successful. 


What are the current trends and best practices related to your goals? Who are the people you need to talk to or follow on the socials in order to get to where they are? How much do people in that industry make? Are there cost associated with your goals? What are the drawbacks or things that could go wrong and are you equipped to handle those?


Now it's time to create a plan to slay your goals. Set a date and get to work. How will you keep yourself accountable? When will you celebrate the small successes? How will you bounce bag from minor failures? 

Dare to dream, sis! You could be living your best life and that's major key!!

Back in the day, I used to say "why be ordinary when you can be a rockstar?" That's still a valid question. You have one life to live (thus the phrase YOLO) so do it on your terms. Make it spectacular!  Make money moves (cardi B voice)!

--Ar'Sheill Monsanto