35 Things to Do Before Turning 35

In September, I secretly turned 34. There wasn’t much commotion, just a cupcake (Two cupcakes. I ate them both) and well wishes from family and a few friends. I wanted things to be low-key because I was having a moment. Actually, I’ve been having a moment all of 2018 and wanted to spend some time with my thoughts so that I could get my life back on track.


While in Paris, my favorite city, I decided to create a bucket list of 35 things that I wanted to do for myself before turning 35. Here’s the list and while some of it may seem a bit lame, know that it took me an entire hour and a half to come up with 35 activities to complete by next September.

1. Have a picnic in the park.
2. Take a solo trip to a new place.
3. Attend Essencefest in New Orleans
4. Prague, Amalfi Coast, Amsterdam
5. Present my Serious Goals workshop at an International conference.
6. Join a board around women business enterprises &/or a City of Houston task force.
7. Complete 30 day exercise challenge (yoga) uninterrupted.
8. Take a makeup class taught by a professional aesthetician.
9. Visit the Gullah Islands.
10. Learn a new language through immersion.
11. Go to Eagle Pass to watch the stars at dawn.
12. Attend blogger’s conference.
13. Take a cooking or baking class.
14. Visit Toastmasters to perfect public speaking.
15. Win an award for something cool.
16. Learn how to make a vegan dessert, preferably, red velvet cupcakes.
17. Build a fashionable wardrobe inspired by the French.
18. Figure out signature style & commit to it. It’ll likely be inspired by the French.
19. Visit every museum in Houston on the free day.
20. Shop without looking at the price tag.
21. Attend a fashion show.
22. Play tennis/watch a live match. 
23. Stay at a bed & breakfast in a small town.
24. Have or attend a roof top patio lunch.
25. Buy a lace sheer bra set.
26. See Stevie Wonder in concert.
27. Learn how to make dressing for Thanksgiving.
28. Perfect a recipe (signature dish).
29. Find an absolute favorite wine. I believe its a rose but I’m not sure.
30. Talk to a stranger the entire plane ride.
31. Finish my gratitude journal by September 2019. Check out my previous blog post.
32. Grow the ArYouSerious Coaching business to 10 clients before 35 (win business plan competition).
33. Host a vision board party /2020 Vision Party in Belize (8 ppl only) start planning in January. Announce at vision board party in 2019. 
34. Spend an entire day at the beach or poolside.

35. Say “Yes” to new opportunities and say “No” when I become overwhelmed even if I already committed.

Anything cool missing from my list?


Ar’Sheill Monsanto