How to Handle Uncomfortable Situations at Work

Every now and again someone tries it and disrespects you. I like to think of myself as an easy going person but I’m sure there are some that would beg to differ because I typically don’t tolerate disrespect; although I try to let small things pass. In uncomfortable, disrespectful situations, I believe its important stay true to your values but its equally important to correct those behaviors and let your inflictor know that it will not be tolerated. 


Disrespect can take many forms and occur almost anywhere from your place of work to your own kitchen. For example, there are times at work when my ideas or expertise is devalued or discounted. While my counterparts are lauded as a genius when in fact that person has simply regurgitated my original concepts. In my home life, as a wife and mother, I deal with disrespect all the time. Case in point, my toddler constantly dumps spaghetti on his head during meal time. I will not even mention the broken appliances like crockpots and Keurigs that belong to me personally that have been ruined by others and not replaced. I could go on and on. 

The point is you can’t escape disrespect but you can find better ways to handle it.

Speak on it. 

It’s important for you and the party involved to know what they have done and how their actions made you feel. Simply have the conversation about what happened using “I” statements such as "I felt disrespected when..." instead of saying “you did the following”. This way you're not blaming anyone you're just stating what occurred and your reaction to it. Don't feel that you need to hold it in so that others are comfortable. Your comfort matters too and you don't want to sweep things under a rug.

Channel negativity into positivity. 

After you’ve addressed the situation chances are it’s still playing on repeat in your head. If you’re like me, each time you rehash the situation you’re more right than before and then you’re even madder. Instead, go for a walk or run or do your weekly budget or start your meal prep. Take your mind off of it by doing something more meaningful.

Forgive and move on. 

You've stated your case and whether you were made whole or not it’s time to move on to greater things. You owe it to yourself to not allow others to have power over your thoughts or actions so forgiveness in is order. Furthermore, everyone deserves forgiveness regardless if they’ve asked for it or not. We forgive so that we can heal; not them.  I’ve watched enough Iyanla: Fix My Life to know that. 

What are some ways you are able to get over disrespectful situations? What are some crazy situations you’ve experienced that you deemed disrespectful? I know those petty, passive-aggressive work emails are at the top of the list. Please comment below!


-Ar'Sheill Monsanto