A Gratitude Tsunami: Review of the Trybal Gratitude Journal

This month, I decided to shake things up by being more mindful and practicing daily gratitude.

On most days, I try to see the silver linings. However, most of my life, I’d defaulted to the negative in situations and would literally have to force myself to see the good. I’m just skeptical but other than unadulterated skepticism, I'm generally very grateful and overall appreciative of life, lessons, and blessings; but I definitely needed help in expressing and applying gratitude


Gratitude is a practice + with daily repetition, it can become a lifestyle that reveals your authentic self.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Alexsys Thompson, Speaker + Executive Coach and creator of the Trybal Gratitude Journal and my perspective has shifted for the better. I’m still a work in progress but my outlook is much sunnier.  😎

If you want to express more gratitude and you’re wondering where to start in writing your own story of gratefulness; this journal can be the catalyst of your quest.

The journal is designed to cover six months of gratitude in bite-sized portions. Each day’s page starts with a quote that’s meant to shape the focus/ purpose of your day. It’s extremely powerful having a daily purpose; it does wonders for the soul.

In the journal, its suggested that you jot down a minimum of three things that you are grateful. Those gratitude’s can be as great as “I’m grateful that I found a new job that I love” to something as small as “I’m grateful for blueberry pancakes or coffee.” 

After physically writing about being thankful, those acknowledgments become the driving force for your behaviors. 

You can also spend a few moments meditating on what type of experience you would like to cultivate for yourself. After you’ve mentally created that, you then select ONE word that will guide your actions. For example, one day my word was “health.” It resulted in me going for a run, eating more vegetables and foregoing cupcakes. That was not easy but I did it. 

The journal also has space to write about supporting behaviors you executed that reinforced or reaffirmed your word for the day. It’s pretty amazing how your focus and intentions can turn into actual actions of positivity. It almost feels like you single-handedly alter the universe in your favor. 

If your actions fall short of your intention—it is okay because you have the opportunity to try again tomorrow and the next day. I emphasize the word, try, because it’s a practice. Like anything that is practiced it gets better with repetition. You also have to put in the work to become better; as well as be mindful of what your personal triggers are and not allow those triggers to guide you

Lastly, dispersed sporadically throughout the journal is a four-square grid that encourages you to take inventory of those internal conversations.

We all have those internal conversations where we misinterpret other’s intentions, jump to conclusions or replay negative situations in our head over and over again.

They're just antagonistic noises vying for your attention. 🔊

You can write + rant about those pesky noises AND go a step further to transform your life by scribing what you’ve learned in those situations and how you will react in the future. It forces introspection and accountability—which we all need in order to grow and improve.


My gratitude journey is just beginning, but with this journal, I’m enjoying the process and learning more about what's most meaningful to me. It's an outstanding experience, to say the least. If you need help jump-starting your gratitude journey you can purchase your journal at the Alexsys Thompson website or at any of these Houston retailers.  

You can learn more about the practice of gratitude by reading Alexsys' blog. There is also a Facebook group, called Gratitude Tsunami, that you can join to connect with likeminded people. 

What are some ways you practice gratitude in your life? Comment below.

-Ar'Sheill Monsanto