Vision Board: My 90 Day Progress Report


It’s been nearly 90 days since I hosted my first Serious Plans Vision Board Party. That means 25% of the year has passed and it’s time for a check in on progress.

I’ll admit, the first quarter of the year was sort of rocky for me. It seemed like every time I turned the corner there was a challenge from toxic friendships, to unexpected expenses like my furnace breaking in 30-degree weather to my toddler discovering that tantrums can be effective. Life has not been a crystal stair; however, I decided that in order to have success at success at success you have to persevere. 

On my vision board, I identified a few high priorities that included traveling to Havana, Cuba, saving $25,000 by the end of the year, reading at least four books this year, exercising self-care, focusing on growing my blog and overall doing more of what I love to do.

Here’s where I stand in relation to my vision board and first quarter accomplishments:


In mid-June, two friends and I will be taking a 4-day trip to Havana and Nassau. We’re all super excited to experience the Cuban culture. I’ve been doing research on Cuba and pan-Africanism for about a year and I’m looking forward to seeing first-hand the things I’ve only read about.

My financial goal of $25,000 was something that I’ve attained in the past and I wanted to see if I had the discipline to do it again. I’m pleased to report that I’m within 30% of my financial goal.  

My goal to read four books may seem laughable to bibliophiles that voraciously. For me, it’s hard to find time to actually read and comprehend the literature but I’m making progress. To date, I’ve accomplished 50% of my goal. The two books that I’ve read (both of which I highly recommend) are On Her Own Ground. The Biography of Madame C.J. Walker written by her granddaughter A ‘Leila Bundles and Launch by Jeff Walker.

Both books are great for aspiring entrepreneurs and have added value to my life.

I’ve also listened to two audiobooks but those don’t count toward the goal.

Self-care was high on my list because I’m always neglecting myself and I have the raggedy cuticles to prove it.

These days I’ve carved out time to go for a run a few times a week. I drink more water and eat plenty of vegetables. I also have managed to get two massages and do a weekly detox facial on Sundays. Life’s good and I have the clear skin to prove it.

As far as growing my blog, it’s a process and sort of hard to define actual quantifiable growth in the true sense. However, I’ve been posting great content more regularly. I’m starting to figure out my true niche—I’ll share more about that later. Along with that, I’ve enrolled in the Coaching Training Alliance 6-month program and by the close of September, I will be a certified coach. Certified!  

There were other items on my list that I’m also working toward.

Everything is a process in progress that is pushing me out of my comfort zone into a new space where I see growth.

If you’ve been procrastinating or need to recalibrate now is the time and I have great resources to share with you (for the free) to help you get back on track like a workbook you can download


-Ar'Sheill Monsanto