How to Maximize Your Work Day: Five Time Management Tips

True fact about me, I absolutely love Tuesdays because it’s my most productive day of the work week. Monday sets the tone but I get the most results on Tuesday; no wonder it’s called #TransformationTuesday.  In order to get the most out of the workday, it’s imperative to manage your time well. Furthermore, time can not be replenished so you have to put some respect on its name. 

Here are five-time management tips to maximize your work day. 

Make a list of the things you want to accomplish the night before

On most days, right before bed, my mind is clouded with tasks and chores that I need to complete and it disrupts my relaxation. Instead, I now spend a few moments before bed writing down everything I want to accomplish for the next day from specific people I need to email to what I want to eat for dinner. This gives me some direction for my next day. Also, putting the ideas on paper (or notes on the phone) creates space in my mind to relax and manifest new ideas.  

Set goals + intentions for the day

Setting intentions help guide your actions and reactions to obstacles you may encounter. Each day it’s important to set goals and intentions to give your day purpose. Using the list, you created the night before, along with new ideas can provide a laser-like precise for your day. With the goals and intentions, you can also include a rewards system. You deserve it.

Tackle the hardest tasks first

The tasks that are the most important, deplorable, or time-consuming should be accomplished immediately. Once the most vital responsibilities are completed there is more flexibility in crossing off other items on your list. In the event, you don’t achieve 100% success you can rest assured that the most important items are handled. 

Use your lunch breaks effectively

Some of us in our career are afforded the luxury of a paid lunch break; however, instead of momentarily halting, we incessantly work through the break. That’s the ultimate career foul! It leaves money on the table. Think about it this way, your employer gets five FREE hours of work each week but complains when you're ten minutes later. Your lunch break belongs to you and should be used to bring value to your life. When I first decided to launch my blog, I used my lunch break to curate ideas in my phone that eventually manifested into content and here we are today.  

Prioritize yourself

Last, but certainly not least, in the spirit of maximizing your day it’s important that you prioritize yourself because you are a priority. Taking at least one-hour for yourself is necessary for your self-preservation and its only about 4% of your day. Whether you spend 60-minutes exercising, reading or just relaxing with a glass of wine, it’s essential that you give yourself time to decompress and bask in the glory of what you’ve accomplished in a day. It’s those daily achievements that will lead to the transformations you want in your life. 


Download the Serious Plans Weekly Time Management worksheet to start your journey of turning your dreams into plans and "cant's" into "cans. 


-Ar'Sheill Monsanto