Five Things to do Before 9 am to Maximize Your Day

For many us women, time management can be a struggle.

For me, on most days It seems virtually impossible to be a mom, wife, and employee. In the mornings, I feel like I have a million things that need to be accomplished before 9 am that includes feeding my toddler before he has a meltdown, driving him to the sitter, checking email, answering phone calls all while making sure my brows are penciled in perfectly.

It’s a lot to deal with on a daily basis but I’ve found a few strategies that have helped me management by the time more productively and has reduced my feelings of being overwhelmed. 

The key is to make sure the first few tasks throughout my day focus solely on me and my well-being.  

Here are five things to do before 9 am

Set intentions for the day.

By setting intentions for the day, it provides purpose and direction for my next 24 hours. By doing so, I'm able to ward off negative vibes, thoughts, and people. I redirect that energy toward what I need to be successful in my day. When I set intentions, I find that those passive aggressive emails I receive later in the workday no longer have power over me. 

Do a 5- minute workout.

This past third decade of my life, I’ve been trying to reclaim the abs that I had in my 20s. Its been a challenge but it’s the ultimate source of motivation. Each morning before my son awakes I do a five-minute workout composed of 10 push up (its really 7 push up and 3 attempts), 50 crunches and 25 squats. It's not enough movement to break a sweat but it's enough to wake the body up and get into “go” mode and I'm hopeful that I'll eventually see results

Drink at least 8oz of water.

Before anything goes into my body—including coffee. I drink at least 8 oz of room temperature water with either mint, lemon or basil. This provides much-needed hydration because your body hasn’t had water for at least 8 hours while you were sleeping. After I’ve had my first glass of high-quality h20, I eat breakfast or have a smoothie and then I have my coffee. 

Listen to a podcast.

I love podcast for so many reasons. Mainly, because they’re entertaining, educating and free. Depending on my mood, I may listen to a podcast that can help me in my business ventures or in my career development. Other times, I just want to hear ratchet commentary and celebrity gossip. Whatever you desire, there’s a podcast for it. You can also listen during your mini-workout or while you’re getting dressed, having breakfast or in the car. Check out my six favorite podcasts

Wear lipstick!

I have so many lipsticks and not enough places to wear them. So I decided that every single day I will put on a hue (not just special occasions) and the shade will match my intention for the day. You may catch me in a nude if I'm being low-key or in a bright red if I'm trying to turn up. It depends on my intention. Check out some of my favorite vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks.

As an added bonus:

If you want to you could put dinner in the crockpot. Soups and stews are perfect meals that require very little supervision. Just add all of the ingredients to the pot, season it, and let it simmer on low. By the time you return home, dinner is ready and you’ll have more time for yourself. You can spend that time watching reality shows or preparing for the next day.
It’s up to you.

What are some tasks you cross off your list my 9 am?    


Ar'Sheill Monsanto