Four Ways to Get Back on Track & Recalibrate Your Goals

Half the year is officially behind us and we have another 6 months of 2018.

If you’re like me, in January, you set some goals with the intention of accomplishing them with time to spare. Not only did I set some goals, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and hosted my first vision board party. It was tons of fun and stressful. But again—if you’re like me some things in the cosmos have shifted and it’s time for some realignment.

Case in point, I set a lofty financial savings goal this year. I was well on my way, then it after Christmas it dropped down to 30 degrees in Houston (and snowed) and our furnace decided to break! It cost nearly $600 to fix it and while I was grateful to be warm and toasty again, that large, unexpected expense was a setback.

Setbacks happen; it’s important to stay focused and get back up again.

If you’ve experienced some sort of inertia around your 2018 here are four simple ways to get back on track. 

Take a step back and re-define your goal.

You created those original goals for a reason. They are important to you and the end result is going to make a lasting change in your life. Never forget why you began this journey. Use that initial reason to help you re-define your goal. This second time around you can be more mindful of competing priorities or potential hindrances. 

Assess where you are currently.

There’s no doubt that you’ve made some progress and that progress is meaningful. In the beginning, ArYouSerious had four areas of focus and after some careful consideration (and assessment) of what motivated and energized me and which areas radiated my passion, I decided to focus on just one. I rebranded the blog and haven’t looked back. The assessment was difficult because I had to admit that I was weak in the other three blogging areas

Research what other tools or resources you’ll need in order to attain success.

Think about personal challenges and solutions to overcome the challenges. What’s needed in between? Being mindful and realistic about those opportunities to improve can help you get back in alignment. 

Enact your new plan to your destination.

When I travel, I map out my destination and my GPS provides crystal clear navigation. However, for some reason, I always miss a turn or take a route that I think is better. Instead of being lost, the GPS simply re-routes and gets me to my destination efficiently. That's what revisiting your 2018 goals can do for you. 

Check out my video on my progress of my 2018 goals.

Where are you? What challenges are you facing? Are you knocking your goals out of the park?  Comment below!