My Blogiversary: Things I Learned!

It’s official!

I’ve been blogging for an entire year! I’ve learned a ton of lessons in the short amount of time about goal-setting, time management, and productivity. In my initial year of blogging, I shifted the focus of the blog to cater to the betterment of women in their career and business endeavors.

It felt great and the shift was so seamless. In doing so, I also enrolled in a coaching certification program to learn new, creative skills and I also drenched myself in learnings beyond simply the scope of the blog. Audiobooks, podcasts and Ted Talks have become my new best friend.

So that’s the bright side of blogging, but there’s also a dark side I need to mention. During the initial year of writing for the blog consistently, I wanted to quit so badly almost every day. However, I realized that would be hypocritical and a complete waste of time, talent, and resources.

So, I persevered by tapping into the original reason why I started the blog—to help women accomplish serious goals through my words + rants. 

Aside from being constant in my writings, I wanted to bring that content to life so I hosted workshops on goal-setting and launched a few women empowerment events with partner organizations. 

It was great! 

I was actively living in my purpose and following my passions while still serving as a leader in my professional career, being an ok wife and toilet training a Leo toddler. In addition, I’d gained more subscribers to my email list and grew a small following on my social media platforms— specifically Instagram (the blogger’s Mecca) and I was on cloud nine.

Then the unthinkable happened. I’d lost my mojo. My blog posts became a little less frequent, organizational restructure in my career made things uncomfortably chaotic, the coaching course was exhausting and seemingly ongoing (it’s literally still going on) and I lost my following on Instagram by over 1,000 people and a few people unsubscribed from the blog too.

Were they ghost followers? Who knows. I was mortified and felt like I no longer had worth as a blogger and truthfully, I was ready to quit.

Then I read something that resonated with me as a goal-digger + a 98% vegan.

It was about seeds and how they produce fruit. As a person that lives a completely plant-based life, my existences depend on the food that comes from the earth that starts as tiny seeds.

Here is what I learned about seeds and goals:

You must first plant a seed (set a goal) before it comes into fruition. 

While I love the idea of going to Trader Joes and buying a bag of gala apples, the apple conception begins with a farmer planting a seed. The seed is then cared for and results in an abundance of delicious fruit. Sowing a seed (attaining goals) requires patience and must be properly cultivated.

Anything that will result in a new life takes time + tremendous amounts of effort.

I’ve found that if you put in the effort of cultivating new ideas and being consistent while practicing patience, the results will manifest.

When planting seeds don't focus too much on the outcomes, just focus on what you plant. 

If you make a decision to plant an acorn and you water the seeds, make sure it has nutrients and sunlight; eventually, you will yield a mighty oak tree. You don’t have to focus on the outcomes (the oak tree) just focus on the process to get there.

Growth results in something different than what was planted.

This is my favorite lesson because the transformation is physical. I grow basil in my kitchen because I’m obsessed with basil like I used to be obsessed with hot sauce. I planted tiny seeds into the dirt over 200 days ago and now my kitchen is inundated with basil. There is so much basil from those tiny seeds. I no longer see the seeds because they no longer exist (like the old you) all I see is basil!

I close with this encouragement; stay focused and sow your seeds!


Ar'Sheill Monsanto