How To Take A Mental Break to Realign Your Life

We can all agree that 2018 is moving at light speed and with only four months left in the year many of us are drained. In 2018, I conjured up some very lofty goals around saving money, building my brand and exercising more self-care. As soon as I decided to put my best foot forward random distractions transpired like Houston experiencing record low temperatures of 30 degrees in January and our furnace deciding to take a break in the dead of winter.

It was one thing after another but I was still in hot pursuit of my goals then I realized that I was just doing and not being. I wasn’t in tune with what was happening around me and my experiences weren’t true experiences because I wasn’t fully present. 

I was so disconnected and came to the realization it was time to take a break. I also knew that if I did not take a break I would be headed for a breakdown. 

Here are Four Ways to Take A Break:

Go on a social media hiatus.

Let’s face it. Social media sort of owns us. We post statuses, selfies, and stories all day every day in a perfunctory way. It’s very time consuming to find the right light, perfect angle and philosophical caption. In that time spent wrecking our brains, we miss out on true interactions with our friends and family. And if you’re like me, you miss out on key information during conference calls because you’re in constant scroll, tap mode. It’s time to take a break! From all platforms, even if just for a few days. 

Go outside.

It’s blistering hot in many parts of the world around this time of year. If you live below the Mason Dixon line you may have experienced triple-digit heat and in some cases humidity and an index that makes 100 degrees feel like 120 degrees. However, despite the inferno, there is so much beauty and inspiration outdoors. The flowers are in full bloom, the ocean looks so inviting, clouds have never been clearer and the sun is providing all the vitamin D your body needs to get the glow. Plus, in a few short months, the temperature will shift and going outside will seem like a blistery death sentence.  

Change your diet.

I’ve been living a plant-based lifestyle for 9 months now and I’ve never been better! Almost daily I try to convince friends to join me and I’m sure if they still owned a Motorola Razor they would aggressive flip the phone closed in my face. So, I will not tell you to give up meat, instead, make the dietary changes that you see fit. Add more vegetables or include new items you’ve never tried before like goji berries. I’ve never prepared butternut squash at home but I want to add more yellow veggies to my diet. When you buy groceries, if you normally buy bananas, try plantains or kiwi. How about giving up coffee and trying green tea for a week or two?

Get physical.

We all have those good intentions to work out “tomorrow” but then something happens like you forget to pack socks, or misplaced your earbuds or you’re too hungry to exercise. Put the excuses away and get started. Go for a 30-minute power walk, YouTube a yoga class, jump rope or do an insane amount of push-ups and crunches. The great thing about being physically active is that you’re adding value (and possibly time) to your life and the endorphins you produce from the workout will overall make you happier. 

After your break, you’ll feel way more invigorated and ready to get things back on track. It's important that we take breaks frequently so that we don’t burn out. I’ve once burned some toast and it was terrible. Aim for balance in all areas of your life and realign when it isn't there

-Ar'Sheill Monsanto