Five Must-Read Books For Women Entrepreneurs


Earlier this year on my vision board I resolved to read more. With only a few months left in the year and a long flight to Paris ahead of me, now is the time to catch up on my reading. I typically only read books that are inspiring and empowering both professionally and personally so I curated a list of must read books for women entrepreneurs; typically women of color.

Here are the Five Must-Read Books For Women Entrepreneurs.

On Her Own Ground: The Life & Times of Madam C.J. Walker


Madam C.J. Walker aka Sara Breedlove has always and will always be my favorite self-made businesswoman. She is considered a pioneer of cosmetology when it comes to black hair care and entrepreneurship. Also in this biography, written by her great-granddaughter, it shows how Madam Walker leveraged the media as part of her marketing platform as well as her generosity in philanthropic giving.

Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance & Success by Eboni K. Williams


I first came across this book a year or so ago when I saw someone reading it on Instagram. I finally downloaded the autobiography months later and was undecided about how I felt about the context. However, after further reading which included the story of the author and interview type essays of dynamic women, I realized this book empowered women to leverage their assets to build their brand. The Kindle version is $2.99

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Dr. Lori P. Frankel


This book has been on the New York Time’s best sellers list of over 10 years. It’s a bevy of career advice with a smorgasbord of rules to help women get to the C-suite. It’s hard but definitely obtainable. While I don’t agree that all of the rules can apply to women of color, I do believe that there are fundamental principles that promote personal and professional development that lend itself to women entrepreneurs.

Stratechic 2.0: Her Plan. Her Power. Her Purpose by Michele Thornton Ghee


I stumbled upon this book and author on my Scribd subscription. It can up in my recommendations and I saw that it was a 2-hour read so I decided to go for it. It is very empowering. It’s the autobiography of the author and she tells the story of how she lacked direction in her life and one day she decided to get her life together along with strategies we could all easily implement. And by getting “her life together”, I mean she currently holds the title as SVP of Media Sales for BET Her.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


While this is the only book in my must reads authored by a man, it’s the one book I recommend reading annually. It’s that good! It’s based on the wisdom of the Toltec tribe and teaches us how to be happy and truly free. Often times, we allow the behaviors of others to impact our mood but this teaches us how not to. It’s simply amazing and it’s a very quick read.

I recently asked on m Instagram what books or new authors I should check out. I got a few good responses and am looking forward to reading those by the close of 2018.

What are some of your must-reads?

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—Ar’Sheill Monsanto