How to Organize Your Inbox Using the #KonMari Method


After binging on Netflix Tidying Up  With Marie  Kondo one weekend it led me to perpetually asking myself “DOES IT SPARK JOY?” I uttered this question so much so that I almost got rid of my two- year old toddler who refuses to nap. J/K but I did reorganize my entire closet using the KonMari Method and I’ve never been happier!


I was impressed with Marie Kondo's ability to use joy as the driving force for keeping an entire home organized as a lifestyle change. During Netflix’s show, this simple process made an impactful change in the lives of the guests. It made me wonder—could this process work for my career?  More specifically for my monstrous inbox of emails?

The answer is YES!

Here is how I used the KonMari Method to organize my emails.

Sort them out by category. 

Many email providers such as Outlook or Gmail allows you to sort emails via category. However, if you're like me you totally underutilize this feature and leave all of your communications in your standard inbox. Categories can include a specific name, email address or keyword. 

Simply put, using this feature will make it easier to find items.

Read each communication and ask the ultimate question —“Does it spark joy?” 


This question seems a bit odd in the context of emails. I’ve approached it from a standpoint where I have a clear understanding of which types of email spark annoyance (the opposite of joy). Emails that spark joy could have information about new projects, praise from superior colleagues or peer or communications that can lead to new opportunities.


Neatly store what you decide to keep.

Utilize folders in your inbox to put each communication in its place. Delete all of those unnecessary communications where you were CC’d on items not relevant to your work. Erase those messages with a nasty tone; they typically involve the phrase “per my last email.” Get rid of communications that are over five years old. You don’t need them and they're not sparking any bits of joy.

And there you have it! Have you watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

Have you went on an organizing blitz. Comment below.

Love + Light

Ar’Sheill Monsanto