7 Ways to Master the Art of Networking by Using LinkedIn

After I revamped my blog, and launched my part time coaching business, ArYouSerious Coaching, LinkedIn became my social network of choice.

I’ll admit, prior to the side hustle, I under-utilized this platform and when I did utilize it, I wasn’t leveraging it to capacity. Now that I know better, I do better and I want you to as well.

If you are questioning the next steps in your career or ready to switch industries LinkedIn is a great tool to navigate that process.

Here are 7 Ways to Master the Art of Networking by Using LinkedIn


Tell Your Own Professional Story. 

LinkedIn is the one platform that allows you to leave your professional fingerprint on the world.

Your personal homepage can serve as a roadmap for everything you’ve accomplished professionally; what’s best is that others who have worked with you can vouch for your skills and write stellar recommendations attesting to the validity of what’s listed in your bio. The “headline” space is the most valuable aspect of your homepage and is what will sum up your needs and catch the right people’s attention. Other elements of the homepage, affords you the opportunity to  tell your professional story  by usingLinkedIn to show what you have accomplished in the past or use it as a spring board for new opportunities.  You can also list tangible skills, interest, published written work, certifications and other accolades, courses taken and completed projects. 


Network to Increase Your Net Worth.

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People are your biggest assets and can be the key to unlock your next professional opportunity. LinkedIn allows you to search for your personal connections as well as make suggestions for you based on people currently in your network and in your colleagues network. You can also see who has viewed your profile; which can include creepy ex-boyfriends or companies looking to hire. Pro tip: If you aren't connected now is the time to network. If you are already connected start a conversation that both relatable and professional to help you stand out.

Find your tribe. You can sit with us! 

LinkedIn is a great social networking site in that it allows you to search for important prospects, influencers, and referral sources within your industry. All of which can lead to revenue because it’s a treasure trove of the movers and shakers that can help you soar. Simply click on the "Advanced" search on the top of the main page. Search for particular people you want by name like the CEO of a company, HR Director, or former supervisor. LinkedIn allows you to join industry/ topic based groups. This is major key because it can serve as an easy way to find potential clients or employers, learn more about the industry and even serve as an expert by leading a group discussion, answering industry questions or posting thought leadership articles.

Connect, Connect, Connect!


When looking for opportunities family and friends are typically the low hanging fruit in terms of opportunities. LinkedIn opens your access and accessibility to other professional connections such as alumni groups Simply click "Connections" and "Find Alumni" on the top navigation. LinkedIn will help you search for people with whom you share an organization, school, location, career field and other social connections. Personalizing the message (even to strangers) provides context to your connections and makes them more likely to engage with you. Go Leathernecks! 

Standout with Personalized Messages

When establishing your connections whether you are simply saying “hello”, reestablishing an old connection or trying to set up a coffee meeting, always send personalized messages. Establishing this immediate report can lead to new business opportunities or even insight into the industry or job leads that have been posted. Its time consuming but it’s a low monetary cost investment and can really lead to meaningful professional developments. 

Become the Subject Matter Expert.


People pay for solutions. LinkedIn is an easy way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert. especially if you haven’t had the opportunities on the job. The easiest way is by posing articles but there is also the LinkedIn Learning feature where you can serve as an instructor by providing how-to based content. You can post videos, curate ebooks, the possibilities are endless.

Pro tip:, if you’re launching a side business your endeavors can be featured in the LinkedIn Pro Finder so that people who need your services can easily find you. The array of topics run the gamut from finding a career coaching to help you prepare for an interview to hiring a photographer to take professional headshots

Track Your Results.


Each day you can take a moment to assess how effectively you are utilizing the platform. Have you increased your network? Made any new connections that can propel you forward? Have you applied for new positions? Have you posted any articles, e-books or led a discussion that can help establish your legitimacy as an expert? Is your headshot professional? Is your business being advertised on LinkedIn Pro Finder? These are the questions you can ask yourself to make sure you are mastering LinkedIn and not just using it like another social network site.

Now that you are a master, are we connected on LinkedIn? If not, let’s connect! Don’t forget to check out past post on Why You Should Network. Hint: It increased your net worth.

— Love + Light

Ar'Sheill Monsanto