5 Secrets to Gabrielle Union’s Success

True story—I’ve recently found myself obsessing over Gabrielle Union’s business acumen and how well she navigates her career, motherhood and marriage.

As women, we can all attest that in a typical day we do a million things for a million other people and we often neglect our self in some shape or fashion.

For some of us, we may not be advancing in our careers or digressing because we haven’t taken a chance and asked for a promotion or a raise. For others, we may have been in the process of launching a side business and just haven’t made it a priority.

No matter where you are on the spectrum we can all use some tactical tips on how to be more successful in our endeavors like Gabrielle Union.

Here are 5 Secrets to Gabrielle Union’s Success. 


Hone Your Primary Craft & Pursue your Passion


Gabrielle Union has been gracing the small and big screen for decades, although she literally hasn’t aged one bit. Not one bit! She started her acting career in the 1990s, with her very first audition for Saved by the Bell TV show but wasn’t cast into her first leading role until 2003 in the film Deliver Us from Eva. From there, over the next two decades, her career transformed into larger projects. Fun Fact: Gabrielle Union auditioned for the role of Oliva Pope but did not land the role; it went to her contemporary, Kerry Washington. However, she did get her very own show, BET’s Being Mary Jane, where she serves as a strong, female lead as well as one of the show’s executive producer. Her secret is tenacity, believing in herself, and pursuing her passion. She is seriously career goals!

Work like a Mother


Prior to becoming a mother to baby Kaava James Union Wade, Gabrielle served as a stepmom to her husband’s three boys. When she became a stepmom, she was still working to grow her career and providing motherly guidance to the boys. Now she is a mom to a beautiful newborn and is still flourishing in her career. The secret to her success is that prioritizes family time. Prioritizing family time helps life flow better and removes the mom guilt. I know family can get on your nerves but they’re also a source of joy and are quite humorous on most days and chances are you wouldn’t trade them for the world. For many us of women, we often put our families first and neglect others things. However, family time can be prioritized just like other tasks in our life. 

Secure the Bag! All the Bags!


Gabrielle’s secret to financial success is to have multiple strings of income. Gabrielle does that very well. She’s the face for the Neutrogena cosmetics company. In 2017, she authored her first memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine. It was hilarious and the audiobook version is even better because she narrates it. Speaking of needing more wine, she has her own wine brand called Vanilla Puddin Chardonnay that’s a partnership with JaM Cellars, A few years ago, she launched a line of hair care products called, Flawless by Gabrielle Union. They’re sold on Amazon Sally Beauty Supply, J.C. Penny, Ulta, and Walmart. She also recently collaborated with Invicta on a line of timepieces crafted specifically for women. The girl gets her coins!

“Wear it like a Boss”


I personally believe when you look good, you feel good and confidence is everything. During the filming of Being Mary Jane (which returns to TV screens in the form of a movie on April 16, 2019 ) she partnered with New York & Company to launch the Gabrielle Union for 7th Avenue Design Studio line. You’ll want to buy everything! Her wardrobe items are fun, flirty, professional and extremely affordable given the aesthetic. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks if you purchase pieces from her collection.

Give Back!


One Saturday while binging on HGTV I saw Gabrielle Union on HGTV’s All-Star Flip, renovating a home to sell and provide the proceeds to charity. I was blown away because apparently, she and her husband have flipped a ton of houses in the past. I was also ashamed because I’ve had a broken light bulb in my bathroom for a year and a half now. Her success in philanthropic giving has allowed her to utilize her platform to impact thousands of people in different ways. She’s an Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and helps raise funds for women impacted by breast cancer. in 2012, she also launched a women’s breast health program in partnership with Planned Parenthood. It’s amazing and we can all strive for that type of impact in our local communities.

Hopefully, you’ve gleaned a few gems that you can apply to your life to yield success lie Gabrielle Union. Check out my Gabrielle Union: Career + Style Goals Pinterest Board.


—Love + Light

Ar’Sheill Monsanto