What's in My Work Bag: 8 Essential Items for Career Women On The Go

Majority of my work day is spent at home at my little workstation (living room couch) because I work remotely. It’s not as fun as it sounds and I have to be super strategic in order to be productive. You can read my past post: How to Effectively Work From Home. However, when I do head into the office or take a meeting I never leave without my 8 essential items for success.

Here is what’s in my work bag:


Nude Lipstick


My go-to nude lipstick by The Lip Bar in Coco Cooler. It glides on silky, smooth and typically lasts through my first cup of coffee. It’s not a lipstick stain so it doesn’t last the entire workday. I need to apply it a few times throughout the day but it doesn’t disappoint. It’s also the perfect nude and compliments any outfit.

2019 Planner.

At the close of 2018, I snagged a new, grey, leather bound 2019 planner. I love it because it has the full month calendar plus a weekly calendar for each month. There’s also a notes section and area to write and slay a to-do list. So far, I’ve been killing it in 2019. I’m also behind on Love & Hip Hop. I wonder if there is a correlation.

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook.


For Christmas, I received the Rocketbook notebook. It claims to be the last notebook you’ll ever have to buy. It’s pretty cool because after you scribe a note you can instantly send it to your email, Dropbox, Google drive or notes in your phone. Also, the pages are erasable with hot water although they are written in ink. It’s pretty ingenious.

Mophie Phone Charger.

Prior to upgrading to the iPhone XR, the battery on my iPhone 7 was constantly drained especially after listening to a podcast during my drive. To avoid those low battery issues I always bring along a portable Mophie charger.

Fenty Invisimatte Blotting Powder.


Houston is hot and humid and I have oily skin. In order to remain fresh-faced, I’m constantly fighting to absorb oil and I use the Fenty blotting powder. Although it’s a white powder it’s doesn’t like a ghastly cast on my skin like other oil defying powders. in life I want to shine, but not like that.

Swell Water Bottle.

Two things I want to be guilty of is being educated and hydrated. When I’m home I can easily monitor my water intake but when I’m on the go that’s a different story. To avoid paying upwards of $3 for 16oz of alkaline water I just fill up my Swell water bottle at home. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. It’s so necessary to have especially if I accidentally leave the bottle in my car. When I’m not working—I fill it with wine.

Rose Water Spray.


I love the smell of roses and the Trader Joe’s brand rose water is a refreshing pick me up throughout the day. A 4 ounce bottle is on $3.99 and lasts months. A few spritzes on my face and neck and I’m energized.

Sharpie Pens.


I have all the colors! I love Sharpie pens because they rarely explode in your bag like other pens. They also come in the option of a fine point or superfine which is great for people like me with terrible handwriting. They also last forever!


What are your essential items in your work bag? Am I missing something that can change my life?

-Love + Light

Ar’Sheill Monsanto