IRL: How to Prepare to Leave Your Job: Networking on LinkedIn

IRL: How to Prepare to Leave Your Job: Networking on LinkedIn Series 2

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Curate your professional story.

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LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms to curate a professional story. The LinkedIn homepage can function as a roadmap for everything you’ve accomplished professionally as well as what your new career goals. When preparing to leave your job, start gathering recommendations from coworkers and teammates who vouch for your skillset.

Pro tip: You can also add interest, publish written works like thought leadership articles or blog posts.


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People are your biggest assets and can be the key to unlock your next professional opportunity. Tap into this when preparing to leave your current gig. LinkedIn opens your access and accessibility to other professional connections such as alumni groups and professional associations. Establishing connections can lead to new opportunities.

Pro tip: If you aren't connected make a connection. If you are already connected start a conversation.

Lean into your industry.


LinkedIn is a great social networking site in that it allows you to search for important prospects, influencers, and referral sources within your industry. It’s a treasure trove of the movers and shakers that can help you soar. It's an easy way to find potential employers, learn more about the industry and even serve as an expert.

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