Story Time: How I Got Back in Alignment to My Purpose

What I love most about the modern day GPS is that it calculates a new route based on my errors. If I miss a turn it tells me the next best possible route. It’s amazing in that no matter how misaligned I am, it’s always working to get me back on my path toward my destination.

Whenever I get in my car headed to a destination whether it's known or unknown I turn on my GPS. For locations I’m familiar with my GPS allows me to avoid traffic or other barriers that will cost me time but for the most part, I drive there on autopilot. For new locations, my GPS helps me navigate but first, it provides me the option of choosing the fastest route, a route that avoids tolls or even the most scenic route. The choice is mine.

lost af.gif

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m lacking alignment. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get back on track but then I discovered the reason.

I was en route, driving aimlessly toward something but it wasn’t my destination. My journey with a particular entity had ended a while ago but I was still on the go; fully strapped in my seatbelt, gripping the steering wheel for dear life. Pretending that there still opportunities to navigate, but it wasn’t. The voyage was absolutely complete.

If this were a Lyft, this would be the part where I give out my star rating and a tip.

So with one foot still firmly rooted in the journey that ended, I starting mapping out a new destination.

In my mind, it was the best time to strategize on the new journey. It felt safe and not too risky. The only issue was once I had my coordinates to the new destination I was still hesitant to make the first step; so I waited.

I kept making excuses about my current journey. In my mind, it still had something to offer. It didn’t have anything to offer unless you consider headaches an offering. I knew what I had to do but wasn’t willing to out of fear of the unknown. I was afraid to go to an unchartered place although I had a map and a compass.


The obsolesce of staying gave me severe anxiety and I was not at peace with myself or my purpose. I felt downtrodden, victimized, and even worthless and ashamed. I was no longer happy and these other issues were becoming much bigger than fear. Fear I could probably deal with as I've done before but at this point fear seemed minuscule compared to the other emotions I had been experiencing on this drawn-out journey. I decided to take back my control.

I reclaimed my time by turning fear into faith and fatigue into a fortitude. New skills I desperately needed to drive out the old, stale way of living because it was driving me crazy.

After reading an amazing blog post by No Real Jewelry on the topic of Grace, I decided to extend some to myself. Actually, some style & grace because I had a little retail therapy to help me normalize.

The new journey (that I’ve mapped out) starts today.

ava de.gif

I have faith that I will get to where I’m destined to be. I’m sure I’ll make a few wrong turns here or there but I trust that I will not end up at a dead end. I trust that the maker will reroute and get me to my destination. I'm looking forward to hearing "You have reached your destination!"

How do you get to new places? Have you ever used your GPS, made it to your destination but forget to turn it off? Then out of the blue, you hear “turn left.” Any embarrassing stories? Comment below?

Love + Light

Ar’Sheill Monsanto