Four Ways To Land Speaking Gigs & Establish Yourself as an Expert

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A few months ago, I landed my first paid speaking gig. Full disclosure, it was only $150 but I’m pretty sure it put me in the “professional speaker” category. It totally elevated my career and set a standard “speaker’s fee” on my end. I was sought out to speak at a conference based on my expertise in a specific area and I had spoken on a similar subject at another conference a few months prior.

To get the most out of your career and to start boosting your income, public speaking is a simple strategy. Public speaking can be scary and over 75% of the population is believed to have a fear of public speaking. However, you should establish yourself as a subject matter expert by doing more public speaking. It gets easier with practice. After all, you already possess an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Its just a matter of learning how to articulate your skills by identifying problems and providing solutions.

People will pay you for solutions that save time and money.

When you seek out public speaking opportunities you share your knowledge with others. By doing so, It can open doors to new advancements and increases in revenue through consulting or training others.

Here Are 4 Ways To Land Speaking Gigs & Establish Yourself as an Expert:

Launch your speaking endeavor on social media.

Use your social media platforms to establish creditability in your industry. Instagram Live, IGTV and YouTube are platforms that make public speaking easy and accessible. Youtube alone has 30 million visitors daily. Through these platforms, you have the opportunity to promote thought-provoking orations that can showcase that you are abreast of current trends and best practices. After a while, people will look forward to your commentary on that subject matter and seek your opinion on issues within that area.

Start a vlog.

Similar to a blog but video-based. You can make it your own by speaking on subjects where you have the expertise or simply issues that you are passionate about. Vlogs help you get comfortable in front of the camera and learn your best angles. It takes hard work but it’s worth the investment of time. Soon you will be a natural.

Launch a podcast.

A podcast allows you to create quality, articulated ideas via audio. It provides a listening experience that focuses on engagement, depth, and viewpoints. It’s a great way to launch a part time speaking career because podcasts engage listeners through stories on particular topics. Moreover, by starting with a podcast you will be ready when there is an opportunity to interview with local media or other broadcast on the subject. The best part is you don’t have to be “camera-ready.”

Publish an eBook.

Publishing an eBook is another way to establish authority in your industry. Creating content for the eBook can be seamless but time consuming. Once your book is complete, like any other author you can go on a book tour; which translates into speaking engagements. Based on your content, you may be able to host trainings or workshops on the subject matter. Now that's expertise!

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