Black Women in Politics: Why You Need to Support the Sisters

Black Girl Magic is real.

I’ve witnessed it my entire life and on a few occasions I have even managed to partake in the enchantment. These days women are reclaiming our time and taking our seat at the table by becoming more civically engaged. Black women are always poised to clean up the mess and this country is a mess. Black women are now occupying space like never before especially as it relates to politics; which by design of the Founding Fathers, was not created for women; especially black women.


In 2018, I co-hosted an event series titled Women Empowerment Connections to bring together different women of color in a space of empowerment. My purpose was to provide a platform to a keynote speaker who is well respected in the community but has dealt with trials and tribulations to accomplish her goals. I wanted the speakers to be relatable and approachable so that the audience would feel comfortable asking questions.

I also wanted the women to be motivated!


The series went well and my first guest speaker was Houston Councilwoman Amanda Edwards.

Amanda shared her story of why she decided to run for the at-large council position. During her campaign her male competitors tried to diminish her and often underestimated her. To their chagrin, she won her race and Houston was fortunate to have her as an at-large councilwoman. During her first term, she accomplished a much in a short time especially during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Then after one term, she decided to make a bold move.

Amanda decided to run for a U.S. Senate seat currently held by Texas Senator John Cornyn. When she wins she will be the first African American Texan to be elected to this position. She’s the new Shirley Chisholm, the second coming of Barbara Jordan (read my past post on why I love her!) the Senate version of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. I’m hopeful that Amanda can win because black women are magical and its evident.


During the last election cycle, black women were elected to various positions in what I would consider droves. There were over 300 black women running for positions in various parts of the country. In early 2019, nearly 20 black women were sworn in as judges right here in Houston. At the same time, first time candidate, Lauren Underwood, became first African-American woman to win Illinois’s 14th Congressional District. She along with 111 other diverse Congressmen made history as one of the most unique classes to be sworn into Congress.

What a time to be alive!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to support Amanda in her fundraising endeavor as she supported me at the Women Empowerment Connections event. I attended a brunch fundraiser hosted by Cheryl Creuzotv & Tina Knowles Lawson.


Yes, Beyoncè and Solange’s mother!

The fundraiser was important because Amanda’s opponent, Senator John Cornyn, already has a $9M war-chest to fund his campaign. Amanda is working to raise at least $5M. She’s the better candidate and all women, despite your locality, should should support her along with other women in politics. Empowering women to run for elected positions is important not only to me but to the fate of all humanity. I’m not even joking, sadly. Check out who is running and where by visiting Black Women In Politics website.

The inaugural fundraiser was full of black women and other allies (women of color, men, young children) chicken and waffles and mimosas. During the fundraiser Amanda gave some great remarks on why she believes she is a candidate that can win and how we can help support her race. You can watch those remarks on my Instagram story.

Over a decade ago, a guy from my neighborhood in Chicago, had that exact same audacity of hope. He went on to become a two term President of the United States & our forever President.

I encourage you to support any and all black female candidates.

You can support in four easy ways:

  1. Donate to the campaign in any amount,

  2. Share the campaign with a friend and on social media.

  3. Register to vote & cast a ballot during the primary election.

  4. GO VOTE on Election Day! We saw what happened in 2008 when we believed in HOPE and we saw what happened eight years later when America believed in NOPE.

Fun Fact: Did you know my undergraduate degree is in Political Science?

Love + Light

-Ar’Sheill Monsanto