Five Easy Ways to Master Your Day By 9 am

Five Easy Ways to Master Your Day By 9 am

For many us women, time management can be a struggle. Add a finicky toddler to the mix and its a recipe for something close to a disaster.

Most days It seems virtually impossible to be a mom, wife, a good employee and an aspiring entrepreneur. In the mornings, I feel like I have a million things that need to be accomplished before 9 am and I'm simply NOT a morning person. Nothing makes me cringe more than the sun peeking through my blackout curtains. Still, waking up each day is a gift.

Monday through Friday, I implement a few, simple strategies that have helped me manage my time more effectively. I feel more productive and that's hard for a Virgo. It has also reduced my feelings of being overwhelmed. And I nearly always feel overwhelmed.

Here are Five Easy Ways to Master Your Day By 9 am

Set intentions for the day.

Such a simple strategy in theory. Setting intentions for the day provides purpose and direction for the next 24 hours. By doing so, it can help fight off negative vibes, thoughts, and people that are not in alignment with the intention. Write them down then do a quick check-in throughout the day.

Work Out.

I admire the early riser that has a mile run each morning. That is not me, and although I've tried I just could not make a habit of it. Exercise is good for the body and the brain in any dosage. You don’t need to spend an entire hour in the gym. Start with 10 push-ups, 50 crunches, and 25 squats. It's not enough movement to break a sweat but it's enough to wake the body up and get into “go” mode. Bonus points if you actually go to the gym.

Drink at least 8oz of water.

Water is the cheat code to life. Its the fountain of youth and hydration will keep you looking good. Drink at least 8 oz of water at the start of your day. yes, even before coffee. Remember that your body has not had water for at least 8 hours while you were sleeping (if you are lucky enough to get 8 hours).

Listen to a podcast.

I love podcast for so many reasons. Mainly, because they’re entertaining, educating and free. Depending on my mood, I may listen to a podcast that can help me in my business ventures or my career development. Other times, I just want to hear ratchet commentary and celebrity gossip. Whatever you desire, there’s a podcast for it. You can also listen during your mini-workout or while you’re getting dressed, having breakfast or in the car. Check out my post on my Six Favorite Podcasts.

Dress for Success

When you look good you will undeniably feel good. A power suit can always easily boost confidence as well as the perfect pout. Need inspiration? Check out my past post on Power Suits Under $100. If it is not a day that calls for a suit, put on a bold lipstick that aligns with your intention’s of the day. Check out some of my favorite vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks.

What are some tasks you cross off your list my 9 am? Comment below!