How to Make New Year Resolutions Stick All Year Long

New year, new me!

The top of the year is filled with so much energetic fervor for a fresh start. With that being said, many people set personal goals in the form of resolutions or create vision boards to serve as the roadmap of the year. I’m a fan of both as long as there is some real strategic put behind it to render success. According to a U.S. News, about 80% of people fail in their resolutions by February—yikes!

Here are three ways to make your resolutions stick all year long:


Change your mindset.

We’ve all heard the “phrase that perception is reality “and if you can shift your mind to see the success in your resolutions you’re more likely to actually achieve them. The mind is the strongest muscle we have but it can also be easily manipulated. The moment you feel you want to give up or give in your mind will follow suit and lead you on that path to destruction. However, once you have mentally prepared yourself for victory, the mind will align and help to order your steps.

Make sure you have the right tools.

Back in the day, I was notorious for ordering furniture that needed to be assembled. It typically came with clear instructions, along with the picture on the box to serve as a visual reminder of what the finished product should look like and often times a tool like an Allen wrench to get the job done. The process was simple. However, when the instructions called for additional tools that I did not possess it went insane because there was no way I could be successful in assembling the furniture! The 20- minute construction job now became a 3-day process filled with doubt and frustration that spilled into other areas of my life—all in the name of a moderately priced bookcase.

Realign when necessary.

As a kid, I was always told to “shoot for the moon and I’ll land amongst the stars.” I took that to mean be flexible in your achievements. If you set a goal to save $1,000 and you end up saving $700 but had an emergency that required you to pull $200 and at the end of the year you were only able to save $500 in total you still landed among the stars and that deserves some serious credit. Often times are goals materialize in different ways from what we originally envisioned. Either way, they put us on a path toward success. In the midst of your 12-month journey of new beginnings, you’ll have to realign and make adjustments as life happens.

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-Ar’Sheill Monsanto